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Pipe Schedule Chart

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MS Pipe Weight Calculator

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A Microsoft (MS) Pipe Schedule Chart provides a standardized system for categorizing and specifying the wall thickness and nominal diameter of various pipes. The schedule of a pipe refers to the wall thickness, and different schedules are suitable for different pressure applications. The higher the schedule number, the thicker the wall.

Here’s a brief description of a typical MS Pipe Schedule Chart:

Pipe Schedule:
In the context of pipes, the schedule is a numerical designation that indicates the thickness of a pipe wall. The most common schedules for MS pipes include Schedule 10, Schedule 20, Schedule 30, Schedule 40, Schedule 60, Schedule 80, Schedule 100, Schedule 120, Schedule 140, Schedule 160, and XXS (extra strong).

Nominal Diameter:
Nominal Diameter (often referred to as Nominal Bore) is the approximate inside diameter of a pipe. It is expressed in inches or millimeters and is used as a convenient reference for the pipe size.

MS Pipe Schedule Chart:
The MS Pipe Schedule Chart is a tabular representation that correlates the pipe schedules with their corresponding wall thicknesses and nominal diameters. This chart is essential for engineers, designers, and those involved in the construction industry to select the appropriate pipe for specific applications based on pressure requirements.

Key Components of the MS Pipe Schedule Chart:
1. Schedule Number:** Indicates the thickness of the pipe wall.
2. Nominal Diameter (Nominal Bore):** Represents the approximate inside diameter of the pipe.
3. Wall Thickness:** Specifies the thickness of the pipe’s wall corresponding to a particular schedule.

Construction and Engineering:** Engineers and architects use the MS Pipe Schedule Chart to choose the right pipe for different applications, considering factors such as pressure and fluid type.
Manufacturing:** Manufacturers refer to the chart to produce pipes with the specified dimensions.
Project Planning:** During project planning, the chart aids in determining the type and size of pipes required for a particular project.

It’s important to note that the MS Pipe Schedule Chart is just one aspect of pipe specification. Other factors, such as material composition and manufacturing standards, also play a crucial role in selecting the right pipe for a specific application.