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The term “pipe schedule” refers to the wall thickness of a pipe and is designated by a number. Common pipe schedules include Schedule 40, Schedule 80, and Schedule 160, among others. Each schedule has specific applications and pressure ratings.

  • Schedule 40: This is a standard thickness for pipes used in most general applications. It offers a balance of strength and cost-effectiveness.
  • Schedule 80: This schedule has thicker walls than Schedule 40 and is suitable for applications where higher pressure and temperature conditions are expected.
  • Schedule 160: Reserved for high-pressure and high-temperature applications, Schedule 160 pipes have even thicker walls than Schedule 80.

It is crucial to select the appropriate schedule for your specific application to ensure safety and efficiency.

For further guidance, consult with a qualified engineer or refer to industry standards and codes.


Please note that if you have specific requirements or standards in mind, you might need to tailor this note accordingly. Always consult with relevant experts or references for precise information in engineering and construction contexts.



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